With Ledger’s ‘Safe Journey’ Promotion, Buyers of Nano X and Nano S Plus Wallets Can Get Up to $30 in Free BTC – CoinCheckup Blog

With Ledger's 'Safe Journey' Promotion, Buyers of Nano X and Nano S Plus Wallets Can Get Up to $30 in Free BTC

Key Highlights:

  • Ledger is offering a promotion called “Safe Journey” which gives buyers of their Nano X and Nano S Plus wallets the opportunity to receive up to $30 worth of Bitcoin for free
  • During the promotion period, every new device purchased will include a Bitcoin voucher and a QR code that provides instructions on how to redeem the BTC reward
  • To claim the Bitcoin reward, customers must do so within a year from the date of purchase, as the offer expires after that period

‘Safe Journey’ promotion will only be available until April 18th

Ledger, the leading manufacturer of cryptocurrency hardware wallets, is known for its high-quality and secure products. Their Nano X and Nano S Plus devices are no exception, and they are considered among the best crypto hardware wallets on the market. Both wallets offer a great blend of security, quality, and price, making them an ideal choice for crypto users who want to securely store and manage their digital assets.

The Nano X is Ledger’s top-of-the-line wallet and boasts several advanced features, such as Bluetooth connectivity and a larger screen, which makes it easier to manage transactions on the go. It is also capable of storing up to 100 different cryptocurrencies, making it a versatile wallet for investors with diverse portfolios.

Ledger Nano X and Nano S Plus devices will ship with Bitcoin vouchers worth up to $30 until April 18th.

On the other hand, the Nano S Plus is a successor to the highly popular Nano S wallet and is an upgraded version with more storage capacity and better processing power. It is a more affordable option compared to the Nano X but still offers high levels of security and convenience.

Both wallets are compatible with external accessories, such as metal wallets for secure seed phrase storage, which can provide an extra layer of protection against hacking and theft. This, combined with Ledger’s reputation for creating robust and secure hardware wallets, makes the Nano X and Nano S Plus an all-around solution for securely storing and managing crypto.

The “Safe Journey” promotion is a great opportunity for crypto users who are looking to buy a hardware wallet to take advantage of. By purchasing a Nano X or Nano S Plus device during the promotion, buyers can receive up to $30 worth of Bitcoin for free, which can be a significant boost to their crypto portfolio. The promotion will run until April 18th, 2023, so interested buyers should act quickly to take advantage of this offer.

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