Who does Belly ends up with in the books? Explained

The Summer I Turned Pretty is a popular book series written by Jenny Han. The story revolves around a girl named Belly, her family, and her two close friends, Conrad and Jeremiah. Every year, they spend their summers together at Cousins Beach due to the close friendship of their mothers. As they grow older, feelings evolve, leading to tangled relationships and emotional journeys.

A central question intrigues everyone who delves into the series or tunes into its TV adaptation on Amazon Prime: Whom will Belly choose – Conrad or Jeremiah? It’s a major aspect of the narrative that draws readers and viewers into the emotional whirlwind of the characters.

Spoiler Alert! For those itching to know the answer without diving deep into the story: By the end of the book series, Belly ultimately ends up with Conrad after many emotional roller-coasters.

The Summer I Turned Pretty: From sun-soaked beaches to Belly’s heartfelt decision

The TV series The Summer I Turned Pretty brings to life Jenny Han’s stories, sharing the summer memories of Belly Conklin, Jeremiah Fisher, Conrad Fisher, and Steven, Belly’s brother, at Cousins Beach. With their moms, Susannah Fisher and Laurel Park, being best friends, both families have shared many summers.

From early on, Belly had a crush on Conrad, while Jeremiah always had special feelings for her. The show’s first season, adapted from the initial book, concludes with Belly choosing Conrad after a romantic dance. Yet, this is only the beginning, with two more books set to be adapted into the series.

In the story’s progression, Conrad and Belly become an item by the end of the first book. However, the sequel, It’s Not Summer Without You, introduces problems. With Susannah’s declining health, Conrad pulls away emotionally. After their prom, they split. Following this and Susannah’s tragic passing, Belly and Jeremiah grow close and eventually date.

In We’ll Always Have Summer, Belly and Jeremiah face relationship tests in their college years. A momentary lapse on Jeremiah’s part during a break strains their bond. Surprisingly, he proposes, and she accepts.

However, it becomes evident that Belly is torn between the brothers. Recognizing her feelings, Jeremiah ends their engagement. The story wraps up with Belly and Conrad tying the knot a few years later, with Jeremiah attending with his own date.

The Summer I Turned Pretty: Belly’s choice and series expectations

Throughout Jenny Han’s trilogy, Belly and Conrad’s bond paints the picture of the timeless “right person, wrong time” dilemma. Conrad’s mother’s passing deeply affects him, making him a hard partner for Belly.

Despite Belly and Jeremiah having genuine feelings for each other, her connection to Conrad never truly fades. Their past and Belly’s strong feelings for Conrad suggest they’re meant to be.

The TV adaptation of The Summer I Turned Pretty has its own twists but captures the book’s core essence. In the first season, Belly and Conrad’s budding romance is the main focus, ending with a touching kiss.

Although Jenny Han, the series’ executive producer, keeps future plot details secret, the series might likely reflect the book’s conclusion. With Belly and Conrad’s deep connection and the challenges they face, Belly choosing Conrad seems predictable.

To sum up, the trilogy offers a heartfelt journey of emotions, ending with Belly choosing Conrad. The TV series The Summer I Turned Pretty might also tread the same path, but time will tell.

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