One, two, three … seven. Luke Lewis declares Penrith’s title-run has just begun

Lewis has suggested Ivan Cleary’s champion side are in the midst of dominating the game at a level that hasn’t been in the game since St George won 11 premierships between 1956 and 1966.

The Panthers are chasing three straight titles after cruising past the Melbourne Storm in their preliminary final last Friday night.

Lewis said Penrith had the power to win “another three or four premierships.’’

“They are the best team I’ve seen,” Lewis, who also won a second premiership with Cronulla in 2016, said. “They are relentless. They can attack, defend and sustain pressure. They can turn points on whenever they need it.

“They are super fit. They have X-factors across the park. Their two halves can play in structure and out of structure.

“The scary thing for this team is there is no end point.

“Most of their team is signed long-term.

“If they win it this year, I feel like they can win another three or four years more premierships in a row if they keep that drive.

“The drive is the key.”

Ryan Girdler, also a member of the victorious 2003 Panthers, echoed Lewis‘ sentiments by declaring the current Penrith side the best team he’s seen in 30-years.

“They’re the best team that I’ve seen,’’ Girdler said on Triple M.

“I wasn’t old enough to witness Parramatta (win in 1981, 1982 and 1983) and the run that they went on.

“I’ve seen some great sides like the Melbourne Storm and the Roosters have really nice periods.

“But just as a team that consistently performs on a weekly basis, I don’t think I’ve seen a group of men prepare and execute like these guys do.

“It’s the little parts of the game and how hard they work for each other. It’s just incredible.

“It’s like this constant pursuit of excellence on every play and that’s what I think separates them from other teams in the competition.

“Individually they may not have the same calibre or profile of player.

“But collectively as a team, I would say yes, they are the best.

“I got to play against some of those sides, like the Broncos in their hey day (1992-1993), like the Raiders in their hey day (1989-1990), and I don’t think I saw them consistently perform at the level that I see Penrith attack the game on a weekly basis.’’

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