Google rolls out new generative AI features for Search, set to rival Microsoft’s Bing

As generative artificial intelligence (AI) continues to take the world by storm, Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) is riding the wave with the launch of new features for Search.

In a statement by Google Search VP of Product Management Rany Ng, the company confirmed new upgrades to its AI-powered Search experience (SGE). The upgrades are designed to assist users in gaining an understanding of technical concepts by simply tapping or hovering over words.

Using generative AI, Google says it will provide concise summaries for several concepts from economics, history, and science. After its beta launching in June, Google stated that it had received positive feedback from early users and is keen on expanding the service’s functionalities.

Going forward, the firm announced the start of “SGE while browsing,” which it says will allow users to engage with long-form content creatively. The new feature will provide an AI-generated summary of key areas of the long-form content designed to enable users to navigate through the posts seamlessly.

Google says that “SGE while browsing” will not be available for paid content, noting that it will rely on user and publisher feedback to determine the ideal direction for the experiment.

Users with prior access to SGE will have automatic access to the new upgrade, with Google providing an option for new users to interact with “SGE while browsing” via Search Labs.

The technology company also announced an upgrade to SGE for programmers to gain a deeper understanding of codes using generative AI. At the moment, programmers can use SGE to access answers to simple programming questions and AI-generated code snippets for coding tasks.

“With our new updates, segments of code in overviews will now be color-coded with syntax highlighting, so it’s faster and easier to identify elements like keywords, comments, and strings, helping you better digest the code you see at a glance,” the statement read.

The new features bring Google in direct competition with Microsoft’s Bing (NASDAQ: MSFT) as both industry heavyweights scramble to roll out new features. Bing Chat currently offers users summarization features following a February integration with AI.

Google is deep in AI

Since launching its generative AI platform Bard, Google has shown no signs of slowing down in rolling out new AI products. The firm launched an AI-powered platform to assist commercial banks and other financial institutions in identifying suspicious transactions in compliance with existing anti-money laundering (AML) rules.

Despite the pace of its AI innovation, Google says it is committed to adhering to the voluntary AI guardrails proposed by the U.S. White House. The firm says it will ensure its AI products are safe for consumer usage before full-scale rollouts while pledging prioritized early access to researchers in the United Kingdom.

AI regulation has taken center stage in recent months over threats to key sectors such as Web3, finance, security, education, and healthcare.

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