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This is an opinion editorial by Phil Snyder, an educator teaching blockchain, Bitcoin and all things media at the University of Houston.

Sam Bankman-Fried, FTX, SOL, CEL, XRP, ETH, etc., are a few of the high-profile crypto scams and scammers we hear about. But there are also many low-profile ripoffs that fly under the mainstream media radar.

Houston Attorney Andrew J. Cobos of the Cobos Law Firm includes Bitcoin-related legal disputes in his litigation practice. According to an interview with Cobos for this article, one of his current cases involves an elderly woman who, in 2017, was approached by a young pastor at her church, who encouraged her to invest in bitcoin with his help. The woman and the man entered into an oral agreement that she would transfer $80,000 to him, and he would use her money to buy bitcoin and safely store it for her. Now, the plaintiff in the case, the elderly woman, accuses the man of stealing her bitcoin through the knowledge and use of her private keys. Trial in this case is set for Spring 2023 in Harris County, Texas (case number 2021-51487).

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